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  • "The proof is in the pudding—or rather the pork-stuffed, boiled jewels that give Gu’s Dumplings its name, tossed with tangy sauce from an ancient, and secret, recipe."

           -New York Post

  • "Gu’s features dumplings that are perfect: tender and soft, filled with mouthwatering pork, and served laced with secret sweet & spicy sauce."


  • "It’s the first time one of the city’s immigrant-owned, ethnic spots has garnered mass appeal to the point of needing a second location in one of the most popular neighborhoods in town, noteworthy in a city once only known for fried chicken and collards."

          -About Travel

  • "These palm-sized half-moons come bathed in a mercifully mild chili sauce, like a less-concentrated version of the chili oil found on the table at most Chinese restaurants. Each delicate dumpling skin contains a meatball-esque center of savory pork filling that bursts with natural juiciness."

          -Creative Loafing

  • "Fans who mourned the recent closing of beloved Buford Highway Szechuan restaurant, Gu’s Bistro, rejoiced at the opening of the new Krog Street Market spin-off, Gu’s Dumplings."

          -Atlanta Journal Constitution

  • "The Spicy Dried Eggplant is crispy, greasy, and spiced just enough with lightly numbing Szechuan peppercorns."

          -Atlanta Journal Constitution



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  • "There are, of course, clues to his secret. Gu admits that he adds homemade chili oil to it, and that there a total of ten ingredients—the earthy sweetness of Chinese plums pokes out its head, for one—but Gu’s the only person in the world who knows precisely what goes in the dumpling sauce, in what order, or when." 

           -Bon Appetit

  • "After 30 years helping other people start restaurants -- 12 of them in the United States -- Chef Gu knew there was something special about his take on Szechuan cuisine, a style of Chinese food from his native Sichuan province known for its bold flavors."


  • "When it comes to his elegant, nuanced cooking, Gu does not compromise."

           -Creative Loafing

  • "The list of awards for Gu’s Dumplings is so long that it’s not possible to write out in this description. This smaller scale version in Krog Street Market of Gu’s Bistro is an instant favorite."
    -Spoon University

  • "This isn’t the kind of Chinese meal that is going to make you unable to work for the next five hours after you eat it, instead it’s a more gourmet, clean tasting version of classic Chinese dishes."

           -Food In Atlanta

  • "Zhong style dumplings are the things for which Chef Gu is best known, so we started with an order of the pork dumplings.  These were very tasty, in a sweet and sour sauce, topped with toasted sesame seeds and green onions and cooked to order.  A nice start to the meal."

           -Burgers, Barbecue and Everything Else

  • "I also ordered one of my favorite Gu's Bistro dishes, the Spicy Dried Eggplant.  This is one of the best vegetarian dishes in Atlanta, in my humble opinion. Crispy sticks of battered eggplant stir-fried with fresh sliced garlic, dried red chilis, fresh cilantro and Szechuan peppercorns."

          -Independent Restaurant Review

  • " Gu’s was filled with goodness, but the standout dish was definitely the Zhong Style Dumplings with their addictively sweet sauce."

          -Fresh ATL​​